Sign Services

Disaster Recovery Program:

Planning for the unexpected is also a part of our service at US-1. Our disaster recovery program is based on two classifications: forecasted natural disasters (hurricanes, blizzards etc.) and unforeseen disasters (tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.).

Forecasted Natural Disasters

US-1 has a tracking system that plots stores in the projected path of a storm. Clients are notified immediately via email of all affected stores to enable them to take necessary precautions. Our vendor partners are put on alert so that they are prepared to react once the storm has passed. Some of our clients utilize our sign survey program in advance of the storms so that new signs can go into production immediately - well ahead of the deluge of requests that follow. Being at the front of the line for production gets your signs back in service faster.

Unforeseen Disasters

US-1 will serve you and your store needs to the best of our ability in a time of crisis. We are prepared with a network of vendors across the United States enabling us to quickly assess and service the damage.